The team at Un et un font mille creates artworks and multidisciplinary activities which raise questions that we dare not ask. These artworks and activities are developed as part of creation cycles surrounding a specific theme. They inspire impromptu human encounters, inviting each participant and spectator to step into the heart of the action.

Un et un font mille and its team create performances and multidisciplinary activities that raises questions we don't dare to ask. These activities develop themselves through a creative cycle and a precise theme where unexpected encounters are provoked and every participant invited to become involved in the action.​ 

By creating works which mingle theater, installations, performance and visual arts, Un et un font mille invites each spectator to step into the heart of the action. 


All our works fall under the broad theme of existence, aligning with a clear-cut editorial line which inspires human encounters and “raises questions that we dare not ask, when it is least expected.” Through these actions, they bring us to ponder our relationship with ourselves, our surroundings, as well as individual and collective space. 


In this era of disconnection, art allows us to grasp what is real, and in doing so, opens a world of possibilities and reinvents reality. It’s this vision of art that fuses the power of performance with poetry; a vision of art which is truly unbound, free, inclusive and collaborative that drives artistic vision. 

François dans sa balançoire crédit SKC.j