Documentary theatre 

A documentary play, Tout inclus relates François Grisé's touching encounters with seniors after spending a month in a private residence for the elderly. François collects the confidences of the residents and grasps the extent of the denial in which the active population stubbornly refuses to project itself into old age. But the question is as important as it is inescapable: how do we want to live when we are old? The author also recounts his striking, enlightening and sometimes conflicting exchanges with several specialists and proposes a broader reflection on the challenges of aging.

Crédit photo : David Mendoza

In the fall of 2022, the play will go on tour in several other regions of Quebec. Dates will be available soon!

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If you would like to include Tout inclus in your programming, please contact :

Paule Maher


Crédits CASADEL films

Jean-Simon Traversy and François Grisé discussing the central themes within Tout inclus.

Luc Boulanger, La Presse, 2 novembre 2021

Tout inclus est un spectacle emblématique de l’ère du temps. Et démontre que le théâtre est doublement pertinent dans la cité lorsqu’il fait œuvre utile et joue le rôle de « service public ».


Playwriting : François Grisé

Direction : Alexandre Fecteau

Dramaturgical Advisor : Annabel Soutar with Agathe Foucault

Assistant Stage Manager : Adèle St-Amand and Julie Brosseau-Doré

Sound Design : Alexander MacSween

Set Design : Odile Gamache

Video : Francis Laporte

Light Design : André Rioux

Costume Design : Olivia Watson et Géraldine Rondeau

Cast :  Marie Cantin, François Grisé, Jean-François Gaudet et Marie-Ginette Guay

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Un et un font mille would like to thank Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal for their support.