RASSEMBLER(Bringing us together)

In 2016, people over 65 years of age reached 20% of the population. They will represent 30% of the population in 2061. It may seem far: it’s tomorrow. In 2012, François Grisé’s parents moved into a home for the elderly. This situation was a shock to them. The experience of François and his parents – starting point of the cycle – may be intimate, but not unique in any way.


At the end of a long investigation process, Un et un font mille and its partners believe even more firmly that this “domestic” reality is of public concern. After carrying the weight of these experiences for five years, François and his team deemed it more than important than ever to give a voice to the invisible generation of our society and to question the working population : how do we want to live when we grow old?


 OBJECTIVE 30 000 $

The team at Un et un font mille creates works and multidisciplinary activities which raise questions that we dare not ask. Our annual campaign RASSEMBLER (Bringing Us Together) will financially support the activities of our charity and the Vivre vieux (Living Old) cycle, which addresses the reality of aging in public space and media. Together, we can create a network of artists and citizens who are concerned with issues relating to the reality of aging and old age.

received in donations

By participating in the Rassembler campaign, you contribute to 

These creations allow us to envision solutions for

the creation of FONTAINE DE JOUVENCE,

the implementation of the  HABITATS Forum for Arts, Sciences, and Public Consultation,

the promotion of the works TOUT INCLUS, ACCOLADES and IMAGINARIUM of the Vivre vieux cycle.

putting humans at the heart of institutions,


​adapting cities and towns to the needs of the elderly,


stimulating intergenerational exchanges,


ending our collective denial.


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