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François Grisé

Founder - Artistic director and general manager

Multidisciplinary artist

François Grisé’s artistic work is multidisciplinary, as it incorporates elements of theatre, installation, performance and visual arts. Up until now, his artworks bring into question and reframe the fleeting and fragile nature of living beings. In the POESIS projects, humans, when put in the hot seat, find themselves in a state of vulnerability. It considers our perception with ourselves, physical places, individual and collective space.

By setting spectators in front of the vulnerability of the human condition, his works ask the question: What happens when we take the time to meet each other? When we ponder our presence in this world? This exposure to the transience of our existence amplifies the sensation and mindfulness in being alive.

Since 2014, with the help of his teams, he directs a large creative cycle entitled Vivre vieux (Living old) which interrogates our individual and collective actions when faced with the new realities of aging. This cycle includes four POESIS, a documentary play and corollaries that prompt further reflection.

Marc-André Trépanier

Project manager   

Multidisciplinary artist

Marc-André Trépanier is a graduate of the École de théâtre professionnel du Collège Lionel-Groulx and a multidisciplinary artist. Throughout his education, he had the opportunity to meet many people and to work in theatre, dance and performance arts. After earning his degree, he co-wrote and performed Phoenix, a collective creation presented as part of the St-Ambroise Fringe Festival of Montreal. He then joined Théâtre du 450 in the performance of the play La ballade de Robin des Bois and participated in the ZH Festival with the play Le corps d’or. He regularly works in partnership with SODECT for different historical theatre events which he co-writes and performs.


His documentary theatre project, Jardin d’Enfants, is currently being written and was presented at Théâtre Aux Écuries for the event YOU ARE HERE organized by LA SERRE - Arts vivants. Recently, Marc-André participated in the 2020 edition of OFFTA with PROLOGUE, a collective creation directed by Mani Soleymanlou with the partnership of Théâtre de Quat’Sous.



Pascal Beauchesne

Consultant, Innovation and Transformation

Jean-Philippe Gauvin

Accountant and Masters student in taxation


Agathe Foucault

Multidisciplinary artist

Deputy Artistic Director and assistant manager UN ET UN FONT MILLE

François Grisé

Multidisciplinary artist

Artistic Director and General Manager UN ET UN FONT MILLE


Louis-David Loyer

Producer Matane Productions

Claire Pascale Mazzini


Legal advisor Genetec Inc.


Amélie Richard

President and producer Le Bouquet Media