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François Grisé - Founder - Artistic director 

François Grisé’s artistic work is multidisciplinary, as it incorporates elements of theatre, installation, performance and visual arts. Up until now, his artworks bring into question and reframe the fleeting and fragile nature of living beings. In the POESIS projects, humans, when put in the hot seat, find themselves in a state of vulnerability. It considers our perception with ourselves, physical places, individual and collective space.

By setting spectators in front of the vulnerability of the human condition, his works ask the question: What happens when we take the time to meet each other? When we ponder our presence in this world? This exposure to the transience of our existence amplifies the sensation and mindfulness in being alive.

Since 2014, with the help of his teams, he directs a large creative cycle entitled Vivre vieux (Living old) which interrogates our individual and collective actions when faced with the new realities of aging. This cycle includes four POESIS, a documentary play and corollaries that prompt further reflection.


Photo : Guillaume Boucher


Photo : Guillaume Boucher

Delphine Mantha - Responsable des communications


With a Bachelor's degree in History from UQAM, Delphine acquired her experience in public relations by first holding positions as communications officer for the Quebec University Student Federation, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and in political campaigns.

She then used her communications experience to manage her flamenco school as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and producer of flamenco shows. At the same time, she did freelance work in communications, notably at Carat and Capital-Image.

Delphine is now combining her two careers, that of communications manager at Un et un font mille since August 2021 and that of flamenco teacher, which she has been practicing since 2001.

Théophile Bégin - Project Manager, HABITATS

Théophile graduated from the University of Montreal with a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology in 2018. A year later, he left for South Korea, where he decided to pursue his studies in international relations. He received his master's degree in 2020 and distinguished himself from his colleagues by receiving the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. After three years of loving and learning about a culture that was foreign to him at first, Theophile finally left Seoul to return to his hometown of Montreal.  

He has been a researcher for the Institute for Global Engagement and Empowerment, where he helps organize the Global Engagement and Empowerment Forum, an international forum dedicated to sustainable development. Theophile also served as editor-in-chief of the Yonsei Journal of International Studies. 

An activist during the 2012 strike and still passionate about theater and creation, Théophile now combines his interest in social issues and human rights with the skills he has acquired throughout his academic and professional career.


Photo : Guillaume Boucher

Mathilde Aubertin H. - Adjointe aux directions et activités artistiques

A graduate of the École supérieure de théâtre de l'UQAM and of the DESS en gestion d'organismes culturels du HEC, Mathilde is interested in theatrical practices that, in their form and dramaturgy, question social issues such as our relationship to the other, to difference and to inclusion.

She accumulates different experiences as an intern, assistant director and dramaturgical advisor: Peer Gynt (Quat'sous, 2016), Jeu de l'amour et du hasard (TNM, 2017), Le chien est un chien pour le chien (ZH festival, 2017), Lolita n'existe pas (Théâtre Gilles Vigneault, 2020).

Mathilde now combines her skills as a theater artist with those of an apprentice manager at Un et un font mille.




Pascal Beauchesne


Innovation and Transformation Advisor

Jean-Philippe Gauvin


Accountant and tax advisor-Malette.

Francois Grise


Multidisciplinary artist and  DGA Un et un font mille

Christine Lecuyer


Retired from culture and leisure

Louis-David Loyer


Executive Director of Business Development and Content-Multicolor


Bernard Morency


Professeur HEC MTL - Retraité de la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec


Martin Munger

AdministratorDirecteur général - Banque alimentaire Québec


Amelie Richard


President and producer Le Bouquet Média

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