The thematic of aging in Quebec is a delicate subject, stirring up emotion and indignation. Vivre vieux / Living old offers the possibility to perceive this new reality - which concerns us all - as an opportunity to believe in the power of our individual and collective actions in making a difference; in creating a future in which we want to grow old. With the activities of the creative cycle, UN ET UN FONT MILLE invites the community to be a part of the change, as we harbor the belief in their ability to reimagine the realm of possibility.

Cycle's artworks : five activities 

1. Imaginarium - Poesis 3

Relational aesthetics performance piece presented in public space. By exploring themes such as presence, incarnation, genealogy and memory, the Imaginarium experience leads the spectator to take a simple look in wonder at their existence.. 

2. Tout inclus (All inclusive) - Documentary theatre 

Through the narrative of his immersion stay in a home for the elderly, François draws us into the very core of this omnipresent system, which still exists on the periphery of our society. In this documentary play, the writer asks us the following question: “How do we want to live when we grow old?”

3. Fontaine de jouvence (Fountain of Youth) - Poesis 4

A performance and interactive art piece rendered in live paintings, Fontaine de Jouvence is an ambulatory itinerary inspired by Middle-Age legends, presenting the major life transitions that we navigate through as we age.


4. HABITATS - Forum for arts, science and public consultations | Extended research

HABITATS is an opportunity to create a space for active reflection and collective consultation around questions such as: How would we like to live our old age? How do we create living spaces that respond to the needs of ageing human beings? They are adults, self-determined, and equipped with the ability to act. How do we connect all those who experience old age? These are not just the people who are in fact old, but also the relatives who take care of them, the communities in which they live, and society as a whole.

5. Web content development : web documentary series Espérance de vie (Lifespan)  | Extended research

More details to come.