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HABITATS is a laboratory for arts, sciences, and civic participation that allows us to reflect and act upon the challenges and realities of ageing. The reflections, exchanges, and knowledge that emerge from interdisciplinary meetings become drivers of action in order to overcome denial and transform our relationship with old age and our living environment.

HABITATS views itself as a laboratory for arts, sciences, and civic participation that makes it possible to reflect upon the theme of ageing. It is a caring and safe space—like a window into the realities of ageing—that allows us to change our vision and our relationship with the topic.


With HABITATS, we want to approach and face the realities of ageing together. This is how, collectively, we aspire to break out of the pattern of denial that surrounds the challenge of ageing.

The objective is to gain experiential, artistic, and scientific knowledge through "improbable" encounters and exchanges, and let them converge. By bringing artists, scientists, thinkers and citizens together, HABITATS breaks down silos and the status quo.

HABITATS asks questions, initiates encounters, disseminates knowledge, and inspires its surroundings with its reflections. This forum is a call to action. It makes people think in order to take action.




It’s the year 2025. HABITATS has led to concrete actions in several areas of society. These actions are based on a collective approach that has been mobilised in the face of the rising challenges due to our longevity and the inversion of the demographic pyramid. HABITATS has contributed to transform and develop our collective perceptions as well as our relationship with our reality as ageing persons.

Through the year 2025, HABITATS will have contributed to the creation of accessible works, tools, and knowledge to continue the social dialog about ageing.

Collectively, our perception of the vulnerability of ageing will have changed in the next five years. We will be less afraid, feel more freedom, and we will be committed to putting ageing-related issues at the centre of our attention. Hence, we will be able to make informed choices about our longevity, and our collective conception of ageing will have gained in value.

HABITAT’s stories will have transformed us because we have access to different life models of ageing people, and we have become familiar with the means that structure our lives during our old age.




Self-determination, inclusiveness, diversity, freedom of choice, and the power to change with the help of collective intelligence.


We will also tackle the issue of how age and generations are represented in our daily life, in order to draw up a coherent roadmap of possible alternatives and solutions.

The more we are aware of what is available to us, the less we are afraid, and the more we are free and responsible in our decision-making.


Together, we imagine what the possibilities are.

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